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6th February, 2014

The 5 most overrated games

That sad feeling that comes from within us all when we finally tried a game, after a long wait, and has not reached the expected levels of quality that is one of the worst moments you can live a gamer. Yeah, we guess everyone has happened to us, and yet, with titles that pointed far. Those games that seemed would fly high, and fell without more, do not remember them because they were not good games but have been grossly inflated. 

Crackdown 2 

With a predecessor who enjoyed an outstanding reputation, Crackdown 2 hit the market wanting equally surprising, but things are not as you want, let's proposals without offering its first part. Crackdown 2 would repeat formula, but with a shallow story, a story lines that just offered nothing and no improvement in gameplay or in any other of the paragraphs. Undoubtedly, Crackdown 2 quickly became a must, ruining everything he had managed to build the first part, a shame... 

Final Fantasy XIII 

In the late twentieth century, speak of a Final Fantasy was synonymous with quality and many hours of entertainment, with FF XIII but things did not go well. After making us wait longer than expected, this title from Square Enix broke anything before seen in the Final Fantasy series a plot unfolding in an arc in which you were not allowed to explore areas of the world, except a chapter with a forward progression somewhat poor and barely essence of what had been the Final Fantasy series in those wonderful 90s. 


The first part of Fable was a bumper, but it seems that the developers forgot all the promises that were given with the title and were not implemented. Trees that were supposed to grow in real-time armies were to accompany you to war... and a list of concepts that at first thought to enter and then rested on that, ideas. 

Medal of Honor (2010) 

In a world where Halo was gaining ground and pushing Call of Duty FPS vacuum all, players began to tire of playing the same thing over and over again. Maybe that would permit the popular saga of Activision, but the title of EA, Medal of Honor, no. Almost unchanged, the work put out by EA in 2010 left everyone a bad taste in my mouth, starting to show a clear need for new ideas, Medal of Honor was the way out, and with good reason, was beginning to Battlefield claim to be the shooter par excellence of the company. 


Homefront had lots of surprises behind him. Instead of being an ultra -futuristic shooter or one that takes place in a famous historical war space, Homefront was different and carried out a lot of expectations as a new force in FPS games. The story, however, could not help push the game forward. The title did not offer an experience for one really fun player and on top of the main plot was very short, so Homefront happened to forget as fast as a pop singer.


22nd March, 2014

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17th February, 2014

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8th July, 2011

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