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28th August, 2012

New gameplay of Devil May Cry

The hell returns to the land with the next installment of Devil May Cry. Once more we partake of the new adventures of one of the greatest warriors who gave the company Capcom. Dante dressed and equipped with better weapons this time to show a little of what we expect in this new game, which promises not only better quality graphics but also a superior gameplay. 

Dante goes hunting: 

This new title from Devil May Cry will be released on January 15, 2013 has no distinctive name or any number that you do continue the string of its predecessors. With this we can interpret that we will have a game with some changes and we will provide a new adventure that we may explain a little more about the world you live inhospitable Dante. 

By what we have seen in the new images and new gameplays in the adventure game will take place with the classical scheme of beat 'em all of the rest of their titles. We thank Capcom for never change this, because if there is a reality is that Devil May Cry fortified style of these types of games to make them both more fun and fictional, but also maintaining a level of realism and perfect action. 

New Devil May Cry: 

As with the other titles in the series Dante star in the action, at least in the beginning that is as far as we could see in their gameplay. Similarly there is a demonstration of some of the weapons and initial attacks this demon hunter. 

Among them we can see not only melee attacks but also to display their guns in perfect synchronization. In addition to this a number of combos, hooks, and more heavy attacks take place to eliminate enemies of all types. 

As always also present the changing scenarios, which not only remember old adventures but also for its high quality dazzle graphic textures and animations.


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