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10th September, 2013

Launch of Total War: Rome II

Without a doubt, one of the games most expected this 2013, especially by lovers of exciting real-time strategy genre. Creative Assembly and SEGA bring us an incredible game that just one of the periods of history's most celebrated, combining highest turn-based campaign has been performed and with larger and more realistic real-time battles that were displayed on a video game. 

In a few days you will have our complete analysis of this wonderful title, but to whet your appetite nothing better to enjoy the launch trailer that we have sent our friends at Koch Media, distributors of the game in our country. 

In Total War: Rome II first-person live in one of the most daring military feats of antiquity, when the Carthaginian general and statesman Hannibal and his army, full of elegant war, left Hispania, across the Pyrenees and the Alps. 

But we can also recreate the Battle of the Nile that pitted Ptolemy XIII and his sister Cleopatra VII on the throne of Egypt, or suffer one of the worst disasters of the empire to try to conquer the so-called Magna Germania, where they were ambushed and were defeated in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Not to mention the attempt to break the siege of Carthage that lasted for three years. Historical battles and military exploits that allow us to rewrite the history of the ancient Roman Empire. 

The game also expand considerably the military confrontations on the high seas, where fleets will test their strength and try to take advantage of their strategic military sense, with its approaches, launch fire arrows and effective always thrusts enemy multiple. 

The prestigious Total War series returns with the usual stamp British study that bring us their most perfect and great work. Hours and hours of fun thanks to the vast amount of content while enjoying some of the most famous battles of the Roman Empire. This adorned with audiovisual section of an incredible level.

We're going to dip for the first time, in one of the epic and bloody wars portrayed in great detail in this long-awaited delivery of the prestigious franchise strategy. One of the main novelties of this school is to the playable factions, which play a role in the campaign map.

Each of them represent powers within culture Oriental, barbaric and Greco-Roman and offer a gaming experience significantly different from the previous deliveries of the series. The user can choose between Rome, Carthage, Macedonia, Iceni, Arverni, Ptolemaic Egypt, Pontos, Epirus and Sparta. 

We will be responsible for the first superpower of the ancient world. We will deal with dangerous political machinations of the Senate of Rome, family crossroads and difficult dilemmas of loyalty to "friends" and allies. Command the largest army seen in battle is just one of the challenges that we face in front of the first global superpower. 

Finally, we want to make two recommendations: one, of course, is you acquire one of those essential games that give us hundreds of hours of fun. And the second is that you read Destroy Carthage, the first epic novel in a series based on Total War: Rome II, focusing on the Roman Republic.


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Launch of Total War: Rome II

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