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27th August, 2010

Motor Storm - Apocalypse: Adrenaline in the tank

Early 2011 is "Motor Storm - Apocalypse" at the start line. And after the two predecessors played in a somewhat monotonous terrain, the new part now will provide more variety and especially for more action. Hence the frenzy takes place in a fictional city held at the West Coast. The setting is a fictional American metropolis, who, stricken by an earthquake coincides, by and by in itself.

As a player you take on in this chaos with time control of three figures. First, a simple drivers that can approach it cautiously, and therefore perfectly suited to meet control and game environment. Then a little more talented racers in the series. And in the end takes place behind the wheel Big Dog, a rabid great guy who wants to know and master is only for advanced players.

Three times in 48 hours
Each chapter starts at exactly the same time. And so all the main characters do the same 48 hours from their own perspective. Your mission is to accompany all three protagonists with a series of Race and at the end to bring out the destroyed city in security - of course, always at full throttle.

The plot threads intersect it only rarely. Sometimes you do but in one of the early episodes of something that can be explained only at the repeated reliving the same situation. Since actions are rather unnecessary in a racing game, the developers restrict the short film Einspieler in comic style. These are always to be seen between the races, never take a longer bridge than half a minute and perfect all the loading times.

Passers-by, looters, soldiers
Amidst the destruction of bustling activity. On the streets running around suicidal pedestrians, which can also run over in the illustrated version. The game will not be brutal, but entertaining. And so are always on the run over again, without to get even a scratch. Sometimes they wave the race car up or even hang on to one of the cars. A little less crazy, but for much more dangerous with Molotov cocktails and other homemade weapons armed looters. Private soldiers meanwhile try to get the situation with a professional fighting unit in the handle. Not infrequently you find yourself right in the crossfire. This mob attacked the thieves usually from ambush, the soldiers brutally, with heavy artillery and even from the air.

It pops cracks and wobbles
Despite all the apocalyptic mood of course, is the latest "MotorStorm", a racing game. The routes are rubble piles, which change from minute to minute. Skyscrapers collapse at any time and block the road. At the grass on rooftops, through city centers, subway manholes and drains the earthquake is thus the most dangerous opponent. It pops, cracks and wobbles. Who destruction scenes in their full extent will look spectacular especially focused by pressing a button on the gamepad to the epicenter. 40 races are in the final game on the schedule - but it is unclear how many lines to distribute these. The races are different from usual place not only on round courses, the developers also plan paths with a fixed start and end point.

Race car upgrades
Of course, you grumble the cars retracted play money to many. Both optical (stickers, paint, tires) and technical (weapons, turbo drive engine) upgrades are in "Motor Storm - Apocalypse" is possible. Some embellishments and improvements but you get the race mainly for the Internet. In online mode, occur up to 16 players against each other. A maximum of four of them on the same console. Rankings, tournaments and prizes donated for Sony especially ambitious racer and good race performance awards the game with free downloads. Also free is to be an additional racetrack that provide the developer ready shortly after release of the game to download. This is located on an island and it is even its own little narrative framework.

Graphically not much new
For the first time the car chase in this game series and by the night - a new graphical detail. As the newest part is based on the same technology as its predecessor, otherwise no breakthroughs can be seen. The only exception is the integrated 3D mode. Television provided a corresponding this looks really impressive. But the developers are still working to dose the effect properly. A Sony employee admits to have passed the test the 3D capabilities already. An experience that you want to save the players. And quite honestly, even without spatial depth effect, the new "Motor Storm" still dazzling.

With "MotorStorm - Apocalypse" make the developers a big step and venture out to new territory. The lively, self-collapsing city provides excitement and entertainment outside the race track. And the online features seem to be thought through. With one sentence: This game has adrenaline in the tank.


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