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July 3, 2007Ninja Gaiden SigmaTecmoAction
July 3, 2007Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Collector's Edition)TecmoAction
July 16, 2007All-Pro Football 2K82K SportsSports
July 17, 2007NCAA Football 08Electronic ArtsSports
July 23, 2007NASCAR 08Electronic ArtsRacing
July 26, 2007EyeCreateSony Computer Ent.Productivity
July 26, 2007SnakeballSony Computer Ent.Action
Aug 2, 2007High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker EditionSony Online Ent.Card
Aug 6, 2007John Woo Presents StrangleholdMidwayGamesAction
Aug 6, 2007John Woo Presents Stranglehold: Collector's EditionMidwayGamesAction Adventure
Aug 7, 2007LairSony Computer Ent.Action
Aug 14, 2007Madden NFL 08Electronic ArtsSports
Aug 21, 2007Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2UbisoftShooter
Aug 28, 2007Blazing Angels 2: Secret MissionsUbisoftFlightAction
Aug 28, 2007Dynasty Warriors: GundamNamco BandaiAction
Aug 28, 2007Medal of Honor: AirborneElectronic ArtsShooter
Aug 28, 2007Stuntman: IgnitionTHQRacing Action
Aug 28, 2007Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08Electronic ArtsSports
Sept 3, 2007BlackSite: Area 51MidwayGamesAction
Sept 3, 2007DiRTCodemastersRacing
Sept 3, 2007NHL 2K82K SportsSports
Sept 4, 2007Heavenly SwordSony Computer Ent.Action
Sept 4, 2007WarhawkSony Computer Ent.FlightAction
Sept 11, 2007NHL 08Electronic ArtsSports
Sept 13, 2007Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD RemixCapcomPuzzle
Sept 17, 2007TurokTouchstoneAction
Sept 18, 2007Juiced 2: Hot Import NightsTHQRacing
Sept 18, 2007skateElectronic ArtsSports
Sept 25, 2007Clive Barker's JerichoCodemastersAction
Sept 25, 2007SEGA Rally RevoSEGARacing
Oct 2007Club, TheSEGAAction
Oct 2007ConanTHQAction
Oct 2007Eye of Judgment, TheSony Computer Ent.CardBattle
Oct 2007Fatal InertiaKOEIRacing Action
Oct 2007FIFA Soccer 08Electronic ArtsSports
Oct 2007FolkloreSony Computer Ent.Adventure
Oct 2007Guitar Hero IIIRedOctaneMusic
Oct 2007HomeSony Computer Ent.Productivity
Oct 2007Hot Shots Golf 5Sony Computer Ent.Sports Action
Oct 2007Mercenaries 2: World in FlamesElectronic ArtsShooter
Oct 2007Monster MadnessSouthPeak InteractiveAction
Oct 2007NBA '08Sony Computer Ent.Sports
Oct 2007NBA Live 08Electronic ArtsSports
Oct 2007Orange Box, TheElectronic ArtsShooter
Oct 2007RatatouilleTHQAction
Oct 2007Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of DestructionSony Computer Ent.Action
Oct 2007Rocketmen: Axis of EvilCapcomShooter
Oct 2007SingStarSony Computer Ent.Music
Oct 2007Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixCapcomFighting
Oct 2007Tony Hawk's Proving GroundActivisionSports
Oct 2, 2007NBA 2K82K SportsSports
Oct 16, 2007Grand Theft Auto IVRockstarGamesAction Adventure
Oct 16, 2007Grand Theft Auto IV -- Special EditionRockstarGamesAction
Oct 2007NCAA Mar Madness 08Electronic ArtsSports
Nov 2007Army of TwoElectronic ArtsAction
Nov 2007Assassin's CreedUbisoftAction
Nov 2007Assassin's Creed (Limited Edition)UbisoftAction
Nov 2007BeowulfUbisoftAction
Nov 2007Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' WarKOEIStrategy
Nov 2007Brothers in Arms: Hell's HighwayUbisoftShooter
Nov 2007Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareActivisionShooter
Nov 2007Cars Mater-NationalTHQRacing
Nov 2007HazeUbisoftShooter
Nov 2007HellboyKonamiAction
Nov 2007Kane & Lynch: Dead MenEidos InteractiveAction
Nov 2007LEGO Star Wars: The Complete SagaLucasArtsActionCompilation
Nov 2007Need for Speed ProStreetElectronic ArtsRacing
Nov 2007Need for Speed ProStreet: Collector's EditionElectronic ArtsRacing
Nov 2007Rock BandMTV GamesMusic
Nov 2007Simpsons Game, TheElectronic ArtsAction
Nov 2007SOCOM: ConfrontationSony Computer Ent.Shooter
Nov 2007TalismanCapcomRPG
Nov 2007Time Crisis 4Namco BandaiShooter
Nov 2007TimeShiftSierraShooter
Nov 2007Turning Point: Fall of LibertyCodemastersShooter
Nov 2007Uncharted: Drake's FortuneSony Computer Ent.Action Adventure
Nov 2007WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008THQWrestling
Dec 2007Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, TheSierraShooter
Dec 2007Golden Compass, TheSEGAAction
Jan 2008Alone in the DarkAtariAdventure
Jan 2008Beautiful KatamariNamco BandaiAction
Jan 2008Burnout ParadiseElectronic ArtsRacing
Jan 2008Dark SectorD3 PublisherShooter
Jan 2008Frontlines: Fuel of WarTHQShooter
Jan 2008Hei$tCodemastersAction
Jan 2008Unreal Tournament 3MidwayGamesShooter
Feb 2008Condemned 2: BloodshotSEGAAction
Feb 2008Killzone 2Sony Computer Ent.Shooter
Feb 2008LittleBigPlanetSony Computer Ent.Action
Feb 2008Star Wars: The Force UnleashedLucasArtsAction
Feb 2008Tom Clancy's EndWarUbisoftStrategy
Mar 2008Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsKonamiAction
Q1 2008Gran Turismo 5Sony Computer Ent.Racing
Q1 2008Major League Baseball 2K82K GamesSports
Q1 2008Midnight Club: Los AngelesRockstarGamesRacing
Q1 2008Wall, ThePlay Ten Interactive (PTI)Shooter
Apr 2008Rogue WarriorBethesda SoftworksShooter
May 2008James Bond 007 (2008) [untitled]ActivisionAction
Spring 2007Civilization Revolution2K GamesStrategy
June 2008Incredible Hulk (2008), TheSEGAAction
Q2 2008Bourne Conspiracy, TheVivendi GamesAction Adventure
Q2 2008FractureLucasArtsAction
Q2 2008Free RealmsSony Online Ent.RPG
Q2 2008Hail To The ChimpGamecock Media GroupAction
Q2 2008Kung Fu PandaActivisionAction Adventure
Q3 2008Beijing 2008SEGASports
Q3 2008Heavy Rain*TBAAdventure
Q4 2008Mortal Kombat Next-Gen [untitled]MidwayGamesFighting
TBA 2008100 BulletsD3 PublisherAction
TBA 20082 Days to Vegas*TBAAction
TBA 2008211*TBAAction
TBA 2008Agency, TheSony Online Ent.Action
TBA 2008AliveUbisoftAction
TBA 2008Alliance: The Silent War*TBAShooter
TBA 2008Battlefield: Bad CompanyElectronic ArtsShooter
TBA 2008Beowulf (4HEAD Studios)*TBAAction Adventure
TBA 2008Big Time Revenge*TBAAction Adventure
TBA 2008Black [next-gen]Electronic ArtsShooter
TBA 2008Blast Factor: Advanced ResearchSony Computer Ent.Shooter
TBA 2008Cipher Complex*TBAAction Adventure
TBA 2008Coded Arms AssaultKonamiShooter
TBA 2008Codename: Panzers Next-Gen [untitled]10TACLE StudiosActionSimulation
TBA 2008CrossfireEidos InteractiveShooter
TBA 2008Cryptic Studios MMO Project [untitled]*TBARPG
TBA 2008Daybreakers*TBAShooter
TBA 2008DC UniverseSony Online Ent.RPG
TBA 2008Destineer Spy Project [untitled]*TBAAction
TBA 2008Devil May Cry 4CapcomAction
TBA 2008DICE Project 1 [untitled]Electronic ArtsAction
TBA 2008Dirty HarryWarner Bros.InteractiveAction
TBA 2008Eight DaysSony Computer Ent.Action
TBA 2008Enemy Territory: Quake WarsActivisionShooter
TBA 2008EyedentifySony Computer Ent.Other
TBA 2008Factor 5 Project 2 [untitled]Sony Computer Ent.Action
TBA 2008FIA World Touring Car Championship*TBARacing
TBA 2008Fifth Phantom SagaSEGAShooter
TBA 2008Final Fantasy XIIISquare EnixActionRPG
TBA 2008GetawaySony Computer Ent.Action
TBA 2008Golden AxeSEGAAction
TBA 2008Gothic IVJoWood ProductionsActionRPG
TBA 2008Gretzky NHL [working title]Sony Computer Ent.Sports
TBA 2008Guillermo Del Toro's Sundown*TBAAction
TBA 2008Harker*TBAAction Adventure
TBA 2008Heat*TBAAction
TBA 2008High Velocity BowlingSony Computer Ent.Sports
TBA 2008Indiana Jones 2007LucasArtsAction
TBA 2008Interstellar Marines*TBAShooter
TBA 2008Iron ManSEGAAction Adventure
TBA 2008Jak and Daxter: The Lost FrontierSony Computer Ent.Action
TBA 2008John Carpenter's Psychopath*TBAShooter
TBA 2008Just Cause 2ActionTBA 2008
KOEI "Guan Yu" PS3 Project [untitled]KOEIOtherTBA 2008
L.A. NoireRockstarGamesAdventureTBA 2008
Last Remnant, TheSquare EnixRPGTBA 2008
LEGO Batman: The VideogameWarner Bros.InteractiveActionTBA 2008
LostUbisoftAdventureTBA 2008
Luxoflux Multiplayer Project [untitled]ActivisionActionTBA 2008
Madagascar 2ActivisionActionTBA 2008
Marvel Nemesis 2Electronic ArtsFighting ActionTBA 2008
Metro 2033: The Last Refuge*TBAShooterTBA 2008
Monolith's Paranormal Project 2 [untitled]Warner Bros.InteractiveShooterTBA 2008
Obsidian RPG Project [untitled]SEGAActionRPGTBA 2008
Operation Flashpoint 2CodemastersShooterTBA 2008
Orson Scott Card's Empire*TBAShooterTBA 2008
Outsider, The*TBAActionTBA 2008
PainSony Computer Ent.ActionTBA 2008
Penny Arcade Adventures [TBA]*TBAAdventureTBA 2008
Possession*TBAStrategyTBA 2008
Prince of Persia Next-Gen [untitled]UbisoftAdventureTBA 2008
Project DeltaPlaylogicShooterTBA 2008
Project Offset*TBAShooterTBA 2008
Project Witches*TBAAdventureTBA 2008
Race Driver OneCodemastersRacingTBA 2008
Resident Evil 5CapcomActionTBA 2008
Rise of the ArgonautsCodemastersActionRPGTBA 2008
Rockstar Old West PS3 Project [untitled]RockstarGamesActionTBA 2008
Saints Row 2THQActionTBA 2008
Section 8*TBAShooterTBA 2008
SeverityCyberathlete Professional League (CPL)ShooterTBA 2008
ShadowClan*TBAActionTBA 2008
Shaun White Snowboarding [untitled]UbisoftSportsTBA 2008
Soulcalibur IVNamco BandaiFightingTBA 2008
Spark Unlimited / Sierra Project [untitled]SierraActionTBA 2008
Sucker Punch Project [untitled]*TBAActionTBA 2008
Surreal Software Project [untitled]MidwayGamesOtherTBA 2008
Tekken 6NamcoFightingTBA 2008
Terra: Formations*TBAActionTBA 2008
ThatGame Co. Project 2 [untitled]Sony Computer Ent.UnknownTBA 2008
ThatGame Co. Project 3 [untitled]Sony Computer Ent.UnknownTBA 2008
TNA iMPACT!MidwayGamesWrestlingTBA 2008
Ultimate Fighting Championship 2007 [untitled]THQFightingSimulationTBA 2008
WarDevil*TBAActionTBA 2008
Warhammer Online: Age of ReckoningElectronic ArtsRPGTBA 2008
Wheel of FortuneSony Computer Ent.TriviaTBA 2008
Wheelman, TheMidwayGamesActionTBA 2008
White Knight StorySony Computer Ent.RPGTBA 2008
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008KonamiSportsTBA 2008
X Quest*TBARPGTBA 2008
Zipper Interactive PS3 Project [untitled]Sony Computer Ent.ActionTBA 2009
Alien -- FPS Project [untitled]SEGAShooterTBA 2009
Alien -- RPG Project [untitled]SEGARPGTBA 2009
Big Huge Games RPG [untitled]THQRPGTBA 2009
Croteam Project [untitled]Gamecock Media GroupActionTBA 2009
Final Fantasy Versus XIIISquare EnixActionRPGTBA 2009
Mighty Thor, TheSEGAActionTBA 2009
Omikron KARMAAdventure

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