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3rd March, 2012

Now available the demo of FIFA Street

The March 15 goes on sale FIFA Street for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This is the fourth installment of street football simulation EA Sports. To give us an idea of what awaits us in the final version of this fun title, EA Sports has announced that it is available the demo in online platforms PS3 and Xbox 360. We will play with style by using tricks, dribbling, and shooting incredible filigree and to ridicule our opponents in the saga of urban football more realistic and dramatic. 

 In the demo we create our character, to improve statistics and share them with friends. We'll play a game of soccer 5, the street football where juggling and spectacular movements are the major players. This demo lets us play in the Amsterdam Square stadium can select four teams: Manchester City, AC Milan, a team of the best players in street and Adidas All-Star team, led by Lionel Messi and 12 of the most skilled players in the world. 

Our football experience to your mode World Tour, where thanks to the powerful editor we create ourselves, form a team, improving statistics and unlock some of the new watermarks and dodges available in the game. In addition, our progress and results we get in the demo we continue them in the final version of FIFA Street. 

To unburden our team players created by our friends, unlock the option freestyle challenge on the rooftops of Shanghai. We can check our stats, compare them to our friends and share our videos on the new social network of FIFA Street, Urban Network, which will be a meeting point for all players.

Thanks to the new Urban Control the ball will have more and better touches the ball experiencing genuine one on one battles and a wide variety of playing styles, which will allow games are played spectacular and very intense. 

In addition, EA has announced that if the game reserve will receive exclusive access to the Adidas All-Star team led by Messi and 12 other world stars. We will also have access to the stage Lionel Messi, an environment located around the historic Catalunya Plaza from Barcelona center the best player in the world has helped design. Finally, users of Xbox 360 buy EA Sports Season ticket will have access to the full game in advance 3 days before its release.


29th October, 2011

Gears of War 3 will not launch on PC

Epic Games has denied a series of rumors and speculation »

26th October, 2011

Resident Evil: Revelations will cost $50

Resident Evil: Revelations, the next game in the series for »

13th October, 2011

Naughty Dog does not expect a graphical leap after Uncharted 3

Justin Richmond, director of Uncharted 3: Drake's betrayal, talked about »

2nd October, 2011

The Unreal Engine 3 comes to browsers with Flash

Epic Games has announced that its Unreal Engine 3 can »

26th September, 2011

Bioware not rule out a massive online game Mass Effect

On December 22 Bioware and Electronic Arts finally released Star »


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25th October, 2011

Requirements disclosed Saints Row: The Third for PC

THQ has revealed the minimum and recommended requirements for the »

25th September, 2011

LA Noire: The Complete Edition for PC will hit stores on November 11

Rockstar officially confirmed the launch of LA Noire: The Complete »

21st August, 2011

New patch for Killzone 3

Guerrilla Games has announced changes to be included in Killzone »

9th July, 2011

Requirements for Battlefield 3 on PC

The retailer GameStop has listed the minimum and recommended requirements »

17th June, 2011

Additional Content by booking Battlefield 3

The distributor Electronic Arts has confirmed that you can already »


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9th October, 2011

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7th August, 2011

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1st August, 2011

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