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29th May, 2013

Free Xbox 360 Games

If a member of Xbox 360 and you has an Xbox Live account you probably already enjoyed the benefits it has to be registered for this service, including a short list of games. If you do not already have an account on Xbox Live, then what are you waiting for, the registration service is free and offers some free downloads, which we will analyze below. 

The best free games to download from Xbox Live: 

Harms Way:

Harms Way is a free racing game is divided into two types: either choose to be the driver in the race or choose to be the fool in the turret that will shoot the cars ... all know what mode you prefer. Each team consists of at least one runner and a sniper, so there must be some coordination between the two players to win the race. Needless to say, it is totally free and can be downloaded from the site of Xbox Live.  

Doritos Crash Course: 

Both the first part as its sequel is free and addictively fun. In this game we use our avatars to compete with other users on platform 15 type scenarios. For the sequel, Doritos Crash Course 2, we implemented an Artificial Intelligence system that allows you to dispense with other users, but of course that is not half as fun. 

Aegis Wing: 

The Araxian invade us and we must protect the world of this plague galactic, are you the one to carry out this mission? Aegis Wing is a popular double stick shooter where you control a spaceship with the goal of destroying all that stands between us and the end of the level. It can be played in solitary or multiplayer mode (up to three ships). 

Hexic HD: 

Hexic HD is the classic game of color patterns we showered in the form of gems; depend on our expertise and strategist concentration level going forward. The difference with other games of this style is that here we have to form special shapes to gain special items, such as spatial and star flower. This type of game is a must for any gamer and is a good way to exercise the mind in our day to day. Hexic HD is free and discharged from the Xbox Live server.


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