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14th August, 2010

PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Great Adventure

At one time, if you asked what was the golden goose of Nintendo, the answer would certainly be a likeable mentioned mustachioed plumber. But now always talk about Pokemon. And how can blame them? Just yet another version of the annual edition double to climb the sales charts for months and remain on the podium in any country in the world.

Then, sometimes, it's easy to pull out of the hat magic a spin-off or an episode as the various parallel or Pokemon Ranger Mystery Dungeon ... samples will not be sales, but they do their fair number, especially among younger, maybe ill digest well hidden complexity of the main series. And it is this public addresses PokePark: Pikachu's Great Adventure, a container of mini-games rather special.

There is no doubt that among the nearly five currently existing Pokemon Pikachu is the most famous is the "mouse" electric yellow, however, is rampant in cartoons from the very first episode. And Pikachu is also the protagonist of this delightful adventure: the PokePark is in crisis and must save Pikachu, reassembling the Celestial Prism Mew before it is too late. To do this, Pikachu must befriend the various Pokemon, depressed, roam areas of the park.



The story is very simple and naive, an excuse to drop the player in the Pikachu and encourage them to interact with other creatures in the game: it can become a friend of Pikachu Pokemon overcoming the challenges that they propose, the variety unfortunately is a weak point in the game. Essentially there are only four mini-games that are repeated for different types of Pokemon in the park in Acchiapparello you reach the opponent, the Proof of Athletics will ask you to face a sort of obstacle course, in the Quiz you must choose the right answer questions that the Pokemon you will, finally, is the Challenge minigame action where you must fight against other Pokemon using some simple skill, a bit as in the original series. Some Pokemon will join you when defeated and will be selected to address Supergiochi those races, that is, that will ensure a fragment of Celestial Prism: Some Pokemon are in fact better suited than others to face certain challenges, facilitating or not the task of player. The idea behind PokPark: Pikachu's Great Adventure is not bad and very fun children, but the simplicity of the few mini-games offered, combined with the absence of a multiplayer mode, the experience is rather boring and far that long-lived adults.

PokePark: Pikachu's Great Adventure is clearly a low budget product, but unexpectedly turns out nice. The world remembers proposed that already seen in games like Pokemon Snap, a colorful and varied wildlife that roam the various pokemon caught in the various generations of the main series.

The textures are very bland and monotonous, the three-dimensional models do not show off who knows what number of polygons, but it is certainly a technical department to reject, if only for the welcome presence of "verses" typical Pokemon, coming directly from the cartoon to replace dilapidated portable editions of electronic sounds. The music, however, are certainly the weakest aspect, cheerful and carefree but very repetitive and at times annoying. The biggest weakness is still the control system: although you can move in an entirely three-dimensional Pikachu developers Creatures Inc. have avoided the approach of games like Super Mario Galaxy, relegating the movements and actions entirely the Wiimote horizontally. The inconvenience of taking, combined with the slow response and unsatisfactory, it is a defect to be corrected in the event of a second episode.


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