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24th August, 2010

Preview: Darkspore

"The Sims simulate" for ten years successfully to human society. 2008 of the "Sims" creator Will Wright created the game "Spore" this was achieved with the simulation of the evolutionary process from single to complex creature less well - at least economically. So time for a radical change: from the life simulation Spore creatures are no longer funny with the successor "Darkspore" an action-RPG, the hero, but grim fighting machines.

Five of these species are already known Darkspores: bio, cyber, Necro, plasma and Quantam. Each species has five individual fighting techniques that can be perfected with hundreds of new body parts and weapons. It comes from the "Spore" creatures known editor is used, which allows a completely free design of the system.

With a team of three Darkspores you travel to other planets in order to combat resident monster. Each of the trio is played - a quick change by pressing a button is always recommended if the life force of a Darkspores is low or an enemy immune to certain attacks. Movements and attacks, check with the left mouse button. On the keyboard to switch between the five techniques of attack every Darkspores. It worked already in the beta version fine.

Team Player required
A playful heart is the online co-op mode for up to four players. He enjoys playing with situations in which only mutual support - as if one's own protege caught in a paralysis beam and is condemned to temporary immobility.

The gloomy RPG Action promises in principle, better entertainment than the honest "Spore" simulation - provided that the beginner-game principle is underpinned in the finished product with enough depth.


4th July, 2011

Far Cry 3 will be 10 times larger than previous installments

Ubisoft has said that the size of Far Cry 3 »

29th June, 2011

The Burning Crusade, expansion of World of Warcraft is now free

Blizzard has made ​​free Burning Crusade expansion for World of »

26th June, 2011

BioWare is already thinking about future Mass Effect games

BioWare is already thinking about the future of the Mass »

23rd June, 2011

Now available a new free update for MotorStorm: Apocalypse

Evolution Studios has released a new free update for MotorStorm »

8th June, 2011

Miyamoto confirms Wii U only use a remote screen

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's  has confirmed that Wii U is connected »


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9th July, 2011

Requirements for Battlefield 3 on PC

The retailer GameStop has listed the minimum and recommended requirements »

17th June, 2011

Additional Content by booking Battlefield 3

The distributor Electronic Arts has confirmed that you can already »

26th May, 2011

New details about the weapons and objects of Silent Hill: Downpour

Vatra Games has unveiled some new details on Silent Hill: »

19th May, 2011

Rockstar tips to solve the problems in LA Noire

Versions of LA Noire to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 »

4th March, 2011

Shogun 2 Total War: demo available on Steam

Creative Assembly refers to its roots and runs the "Total »


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15th July, 2011

Aliens invade Nintendo DS

It has not been announced, but the ESRB, the organization that rates video games by age for the U.S. market, »

11th July, 2011

New Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Konami has distributed new images of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, corresponding to the versions for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and »

30th June, 2011

Rune Factory 4 Announced for Nintendo 3DS

Marvelous Entertainment has announced a new installment in the Rune Factory series, in this case Nintendo 3DS, representing its debut »


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13th July, 2011

Details of House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut

Sega has released new screenshots of The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut for PlayStation 3. In addition, he »

15th June, 2011

Activision presents the story of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Activision presents a new video Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, which focuses on presenting the story of this game. The game used »

21st May, 2011

Ubisoft announces The Smurfs Dance Party

Ubisoft has announced The Smurfs Dance Party, a dance game for Wii based on the 3D film from Sony Pictures »