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30th March, 2014

Human Element will come out for PC

Until a few hours ago we knew the news that the horror game mixed with strategy Human Element only be available for PC, whose launch is expected by 2015. But in recent times have been confirmed to also be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  Several platforms  As mentioned, the news »

26th March, 2014

Facts about Resident Evil

Resident Evil is, for many, the benchmark for horror games. The original title for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn began one of the most beloved franchises for Capcom fans, to the point that today the Resident Evil characters share guest appearances with other stars of the Japanese study as Ryu »

13th March, 2014

Grim Fandango, the best adventures of Tim Schafer

Sometime LucasArts was considered the best development company in terms of adventure games is concerned, and Grim Fandango of 1998 for PC, is one of its greatest games header. Even today it is considered one of the best games ever in the genre of adventure, without a doubt Tim Schafer »

9th March, 2014

The Wolf Among Us: requirements for PC

The Wolf Among Us is a graphic adventure video game based on the comic book series Fable, owned by the publisher Vertigo. It was developed by the Telltales study, the creators of the popular The Walking Dead as characterizes securities of this company, this is a game of point and »

8th March, 2014

Everything you need to know about Batman: Arkham Knight

Finally the countdown reached zero, Rocksteady has just released the official trailer of Batman: Arkham Knight, the latest title in the franchise Arkham. And although surely you've already seen it more than once, probably has news of last moment that you are not aware. Here are complete reports on everything »

28th February, 2014

Deus Ex: The Fall can reach PC

The anticipated game Deus Ex: The Fall could lead to the market for PC because this game has been in the Steam system. This is still a rumor that has not been confirmed, but has all the ballots so we can enjoy it in your computer.  Deus Ex: The Fall  Initially, Deus »

18th February, 2014

Thief 4: Requirements for PC

After many years of speculation, Thief 4 will finally see the light. The game is one of the most anticipated among fans of the stealth genre and it looks like this remake of the franchise will not disappoint anyone.  The title will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox »

13th February, 2014

The Wolf Among Us, halfway to the mystery

In a world of fables where the wolf must care for all creatures of the kingdom universe things have started to mix in an environment that immerses magic, spells, snuff and more than one death. The Wolf Among Us, the new adventure game from Telltale Games, has reached its second »

7th February, 2014

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is pure violence

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is not free from controversy. A few weeks ago in U.S. Castlevania Gamer created considerable controversy by claiming that title scene was full of violence and sexual abuse. After what happened, there has been a criticism that has caused him some problems expected Konami title.  Castlevania: »

31st January, 2014

Historical inaccuracies in Assassin's Creed

Do not misunderstand: the Assassin's Creed franchise is one of the best ever and so is evidenced by the extensive discussion that generates its storyline. The game combines gameplay that edition to edition improvement strategy and historical reenactment.  And this is the key to developing what we will say next point: »


16th April, 2014

More BioShock Infinite with Burial at Sea 2

BioShock Infinite's world has much to offer, so it is »

1st April, 2014

Pikachu is the official mascot of Japan for World Cup 2014

If you are a gamer, lover of football and your »

22nd March, 2014

The new Assassin's Creed will be on the French Revolution

Rumors and speculation have invaded the network in recent months. »

17th March, 2014

Information about the running games

Now a days almost everyone seems to be enjoying the »

5th March, 2014

The next Call of Duty would be again a Modern Warfare

A user who, during the launch of several games has »


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24th October, 2011

Requirements disclosed Saints Row: The Third for PC

THQ has revealed the minimum and recommended requirements for the »

24th September, 2011

LA Noire: The Complete Edition for PC will hit stores on November 11

Rockstar officially confirmed the launch of LA Noire: The Complete »

20th August, 2011

New patch for Killzone 3

Guerrilla Games has announced changes to be included in Killzone »

8th July, 2011

Requirements for Battlefield 3 on PC

The retailer GameStop has listed the minimum and recommended requirements »

16th June, 2011

Additional Content by booking Battlefield 3

The distributor Electronic Arts has confirmed that you can already »


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4th December, 2013

Bring out the creative side of kids

Keeping kids busy is very important, however if you start teaching them to be creative it creates a whole different »

19th November, 2013

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released in spring

Capcom, the company responsible for the development of the Ultra Street Fighter IV game has announced that this anticipated title »

4th November, 2013

Trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

New and exciting adventures, which have an unlimited action await you aboard a pirate ship in the hands of Edward »


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3rd November, 2013

The best games of Blizzard

Many of us like Blizzard games, and it is that the company has created masterpieces from almost its inception with »

17th October, 2013

The best games of Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 was a console that broke the standards of video games back in 1996 when it was launched to »

15th October, 2013

The best games of Zelda

The best games The Legend of Zelda  Zelda is one of the world's major Nintendo franchises and has been following its »

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