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3rd August, 2013

Neil Gaiman prepares his first game: Wayward Manor

A few days ago, the renowned writer Neil Gaiman gave us an incredible story: is preparing its first game. The same will be called Wayward Manor and we narrate an interesting story a little ghostly, want to know more of the new set of Neil Gaiman, here we. 

Who is Neil Gaiman 

Neil Gaiman is a writer who has been involved in different media. In fact, having a famous comic series, called Sandman, by many considered one of the best in the world. 

Similarly, having a large number of novels and short stories, with the last Graveyard Book won several awards including the Hugo Award for best novel. In addition, this course also has written several films including Mirrormask, Stardust and Beowulf. If until now you have not found anything written by Neil Gaiman, we recommend starting by Sandman. 

What is Wayward Manor? 

As Gaiman says in the introductory video to the game (which you can see below), Wayward Manor is set in the 20s on a giant mansion in New England. The objective of the game is that you be afraid to people now living in the mansion (a large family called the Budds, as well as the easement). 

For now, the game seems to be a puzzle, since Gaiman says that to scare people will have to use all your ingenuity. Furthermore, according to the site of Wayward Manor, while scaring people, "gradually discover more about your own death and imminent danger to which all face". 

Who is developing Wayward Manor? 

The Odd Gentlemen, an indie studio of Los Angeles. They created games like The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom and Slap Happy Sam's Stageshow, for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Home, respectively. According to Gaiman, games macabre blend perfectly with the glorious. 

Wayward Manor arriving in December, but if you want you can already buy it. In fact, there is several purchase packages ranging from posters, lithographs signed up a firm with Neil Gaiman.


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