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17th August, 2010

COP: The Recruit

The new competitor to GTA?
Among the free-roaming market, the GTA series is undoubtedly the best known and played even if in recent times, other "competitors" have tried to "throw down" from the throne the famous title Rockstar , COP: The Recruit is one of these; published by Ubisoft promises a technical quality and a new type of gameplay designed specifically to join to use the d-pad. Chases, shootings, raids and everything else around a free-roaming crime can offer you, you are ready to act on behalf of the law?

Guards or thieves?
The player gets into the shoes of Dan Miles, a young and glamorous extrovert, passionate about engines, cars and illegal racing. Stopped one day by detective Winter during a race, Dan sees his life upset when it proposes to use his skills as a pilot for justice, since the prison as the only alternative, Dan is forced to accept the proposal Detective and begin to work with the CCD (City District Command). Thus begins his adventure in the role of policeman, immediately climb because of the incomprehensible arrest of his mentor Brad Winter at the hands of a powerful boss ...

The general structure of free-roaming is hardly new: the missions are achievable freely advance the storyline, unlocking new locations even more enriching activities svolgibili; in the background are a multitude of missions, often similar to each other and consisting generally in a sort of mini-games, in the third and final phase is the free exploration of the territory, often adorned with secrets and hidden items. The COP Recruit perfectly follows these three lines: first you have to follow the investigations the arrest of the detective Winter, track down the criminals who have stuck; second place followed by frequent calls but repetitive CCD, inviting you to deal with communication crimes occurring in places close to your position, and finally run into tasty excursions the streets of New York, such as the ability to take beautiful photographs capturing the most beautiful monuments or places of the American metropolis.

The controls are simple and intuitive to navigate on foot just hit the arrows and rotate the camera using the keys back in the car everything is limited to the buttons A and B: the first and second to accelerate to slow, with the implementation the Y button to pull the handbrake and make delicious drifting. Often the players that use the DS complain annoying cramps and fatigue to the hands because of the unnatural and uncomfortable positions to be taken at times when must combine the use of the d-pad buttons ... in this respect COP: The Recruit becomes quite annoying when you get into shooting mode: automatically when you grab a weapon, the view of the DS moves behind Dan and our crosshairs appears on the screen to rotate, raise or decrease the pointer must use the touch screen with the d-pad to move and shoot while it is necessary to push their buttons ... a real torture at the hands of the player!

The usefulness of the bottom screen is limited to shootings, in all other phases of the game is the 3C: An ingenious contraption handyman delivered to the police which will have as main function to show the map, but will also prove a useful road map that will facilitate navigation in the vast New York.

Graphically impeccable
The technical sector of this title is so large as to deserve a 'note on'. Although movies are made interval design comics (this now common technique in games DS ), the whole game has a solid graphic 3D that takes full advantage of the console portable house Nintendo, also the characters, cars and environments (both internal and external) are represented through a wide range of elements, different and fairly implemented, allowing graphics to give variety. Considerable depth of field and light effects significant further contribute to make the game more enjoyable in the eyes of players.

Lack of realism
A serious flaw of this game is the almost total lack of realism at the main stages of the game. Featured in the guide: damage to vehicles are non-existent and limited to a sidebar showing the resistance of the same, the physics and dynamics of the accident is totally unrealistic and limited to a heavy deceleration and total "immortality" of pedestrians, always ready to dodge just before being hit and then run away loudly. All this impacts heavily on the credibility of the title, even during the shooting, as it is impossible to kill any civilian even hitting it with full load, also is influential because it aims not shoot to the head or a limb of an enemy will give the same amount.


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